Routebuddy is an advanced GPS-enable mapping solution for Macs that launches later today.

At present, little is known about the solution, other than it is a standalone application. Routebuddy users can extend the solution by purchasing new maps from the company. The application has been built to work with many types of map data, including Google Maps.

The software is compatible with most GPS receivers that work using the NMEA protocol. It can also send and receive data from Garmin's USB GPS devices.

In plain English, this means a Mac user can plan their trip at their home or office on their Mac, and transfer the data to their GPS device for navigating their way there.

Additional confirmed features include: support for adding notes and data to maps, the capacity to import Google Earth URLs into the application, direct support for emailing maps and directions.

The application costs $99.50. Maps cost beteen $40-$70. A fully functional trial version is available from the company.