Apple has tweaked its website to offer a dedicated area focused on its environmental efforts and international recycling schemes.

The move follows Apple CEO Steve Jobs move earlier this year to write an open letter detailing the company's environmental efforts and offering a glimpse at some of Apple's future plans to address these issues.

The company says it: "Recognises its responsibility as a global citizen and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work it does and the products it creates."

The microsite looks at product design and packaging, manufacturing, energy efficiency and recycling. These pages are expected to be frequently updated as the company moves to remove some of the most toxic chemicals from its products and product manufacturing processes.

More importantly, the pages offer customers details of what recycling opportunities it has now set up for consumers in all its global territories.

In the coming months, Apple is also expected to extend such schemes as its iPod take-back scheme into international markets.