Griffin Technology has released two free music-orientated software solutions for use with its products.

Final Vinyl 1.0 allows the recording of vinyl records using just Griffin's iMic or PowerWave and a turntable. Until now, ripping music from vinyl necessitated the use of an amp as well as a turntable. Final Vinyl can then be used to record tracks to the hard drive. It can also capture instruments, microphones, tapes or any other analogue sound source.

The solution includes a ten-band equalizer, and offers a waveform editor. Other features include cue marking and the capacity to dynamically set and adjust audio levels. Final vinyl is available as a free download.

Griffin has also released its gPort Serial MIDI Driver for Mac OS X 10.2.3. This allows most serial MIDI devices to operate with Apple's Core MIDI software and OS X when connected to the Griffin gPort or g4Port.

It means owners of legacy serial MIDI interfaces, such as Mark of the Unicorn's Midi Time Piece, can migrate to OS X with no need to upgrade their MIDI interface devices.

Both software solutions are available for download from the company's Web site. Griffin's UK distributor is AM Micro.