Griffin Technology has announced a number of PowerPC G4-compatible products - the gPort, gView and iMate. G3 Power Macs are also supported.

The £65 gPort adaptor is a universal serial and LocalTalk adaptor. This works with all Apple and third-party printers that are currently compatible with other Macs. It also works with MIDI and any other Mac-compatible serial devices, such as Palm PDAs. GPort even allows file sharing and printing over LocalTalk networks.

The £49 gView is a universal video adaptor that supports all existing Mac-compatible monitors on the new G3/G4 Power Macs. It supports all legacy displays such as those by SuperMac, Radius, E-Machines and many others.

iMate, priced at £49, is a USB-to-ADB adaptor that supports all existing ADB devices, including mice, keyboards, trackballs, trackpads. It is compatible with the forthcoming iBook and the “Sawtooth” Power Mac G4/450 and G4/500 models. Custom ADB drivers are supported.

Griffin says it will ship a compatible version of the gPort for the “Sawtooth” models at about the same time as the new G4s ship.