Griffin Technology has announced TuneFlex for iPod.

The product is an iPod dock and charger for cars that is compatible with full-size, 4G and newer iPods.

It grips the iPod within its secure iPod-shaped cradle, and holds it on an adjustable flexible steel neck. The cradle rotates independently to keep the iPod upright and easily readable. The device will also plug into a car's 12V accessory outlet to charge the iPod up. TuneFlex also has a built-in replaceable fuse to protect the music player from power surges.
A built-in 1/8in stereo line-out audio jack makes it easy to connect your iPod to your stereo, while a low/high audio output switch ensures sound without distortion and compatibility with a wide range of devices. The flexible TuneFlex also features a pass-through dock connector that lets you use your iPod with digital devices such as Griffin's iTrip FM transmitter (soon to be legal to use in the UK), AirClick remote, and others, while still in its cradle.
TuneFlex ships with its own cassette tape adaptor and a free limited edition version of Griffin's iFill software. iFill records internet radio shows into iTunes for listening to later on your iPod.

The product costs £33.95 (including VAT).