Griffin Technology has entered Apple's 'Made for iPod' certification programme.

The certification applies against iPod products using an iPod Top or Dock connector.

UK customers can find more information about Griffin's products from local UK distributor AM Micro. Made for iPod status is an attempt to help consumers recognise which iPod accessories are guaranteed to work with their iPod music player. It isn't intended to cover non-electronic products, such as cases.

Membership of the self-certification scheme requires that manufacturers maintain Apple's own guidelines; this should mean iPod-owners can buy such accredited products with some faith in their reliability. However, it is believed that Apple also charges a licensing fee to manufacturers, which may be passed on to consumers in some cases.

Apple's guidelines state: "The 'Made for iPod' logo is used to communicate that your company has produced a product for use with iPod, or has made it compatible with iPod, and has completed the iPod Accessory Program self-certification."

The company adds: "Made for iPod artwork can be used only by authorized licensees who have signed the Connector Use License Agreement."

The following Griffin products are certified for the scheme: iTalk, AirClick, Dock 400 and 800 cables; Tune juice; iBeam; PowerPod; BlueTrip and SmartDeck.