Griffin Technology has introduced a free beta version of its new Proxi software, which lets Mac users create their own OS X shortcuts, and more.

The software offers a single interface within which user can configure Griffin devices, define custom hot keys, monitor Mail, iChat, and RSS feeds, execute repeating tasks, and more.

Proxi gives owners of AirClick, PowerMate and Radio Shark new features to enhance and customise their hardware: users can programme their own applications for use with AirClick, or use multiple PowerMates in a single application.

The software can also field a custom message when a buddy is online, or send an email when an item is added to a folder.

Proxi employs two essential concepts: Triggers and Tasks. A Trigger sets in motion a task or series of tasks, while a Task is a component that performs an action when triggered. A set of linked Triggers and Tasks together compose a Proxi "Blueprint": a complete set of instructions that tells Proxi how to perform a task. These can be shared between users.

Proxi ships with a library of Blueprints, but users can also build their own. It also ships with a selection of pre-defined Triggers for Griffin products, and also for monitoring folders, setting hot keys, and monitoring Mail, Skype, RSS and iChat. Proxi can also invoke applications and open web addresses.

The final version ships in May, and will be a free download.