The people behind the BBC's internationally acclaimed Ground Force gardening programme say Final Cut Pro "changed their lives".

Much of the programme is edited from the country home of producer John Thornicroft and his partner – offline editor, Susan Spivey. Thornicroft explains: "Final Cut Pro has changed our lives – it’s always been a dream of ours to work together from home and FCP has given us the means to do it".

The couple run the software on a dual-processor Power Mac G4 system attached to a 22-inch Apple Cinema Display. They also own an iBook.

Spivey told Apple's Hotnews: "There are lots of different things about the software that make it good to work with. For instance, the fact that projects are displayed on one screen.

"As a professional editor working with systems such as Avid and Lightworks in the past, I have had to work with two-screen displays; I prefer one screen and, of course, it takes up less space.

"The system is simple. I like the fact that we’re only dealing with one FireWire input rather than all the masses of plugs and cables that seem to go with other systems.

"I also love the dual-processing aspects of FCP. For example, I can write notes for the online edit at the same time as having Final Cut Pro projects open, or I can have more than one FCP project open at the same time, or use the same graphics and music across multiple projects."