Guardian Newspapers Limited is migrating its editorial department to Adobe InDesign and Mac OS X, Adobe has revealed.

The Guardian plans to build a new bespoke publishing solution integrating InDesign, InCopy and its own Oracle-based production database. Plug-ins to help integrate the system are in development by WoodWing Software. The Guardian will migrate all 750 editorial desktops to OS X.

Company IT director Derek Gannon said: "We believe the sophisticated development environments offered by Adobe's applications and OS X, combined with the Oracle production database that we have developed internally in recent years, offer us an unbeatable way forward."

"The new system will mean we are able to continue to support our industry-leading product innovation with technological development."

The company expects that adopting the new systems to reduce the cost of ownership, be more flexible and offer benefits in terms of cross-media publishing, because of its built-in support for open standards, such as XML.

The Guardian currently employs a highly-customized version of Quark QPS and earlier versions of Mac OS.

Work on the project begins this summer and is expected to complete in late 2004.