UK newspaper The Guardian today carries a report detailing how it it used Apple AirPort-equipped Apple laptops on Brighton seafront to produce its G2 supplement.

Brighton is Britain's first seafront to offer free wireless access. The Guardian report says it means "anyone with a laptop can get out of the office and work from a deckchair".

The paper continued:"The technology has the potential to transform the way we work. Our editors chose to edit, research, write and produce G2 from the beach. A team of four editors, four writers, a sub-editor, two photographers and a Guardian IT specialist took part."

Despite technical hurdles – when some of the Macs couldn't see the network – the biggest threat to the experiment came from drunken beach visitors, the article reveals.

The report continued: "This is beginning to feel like a genuinely innovative way to work."

The full article is available online, or in today's edition of The Guardian. Guardian Newspapers announced plans to migrate to OS X and InDesign in June.