The Guardian has published an online guide to the use of digital video in education.

Produced in association with Apple, the guide was published in full in last week's [email protected] supplement.

The online version of the guide offers valuable information for educators, including a do and don't guide, case studies and an interview with Lord Puttnam.

The education market is picking up on Apple's message to it. Solutions such as iMovie have made desktop-video editing accessible – and educator's can see the advantages of making education relevant by using media pupils are already engaged by, such as TV and video, Apple claims. Schools all over the country are embracing it as a new educational tool, The Guardian claims.

There's evidence suggesting that the use of video in education can transform pupil's education experience. "In one case, a former totally disruptive pupil went through a dramatic character change at school after working on video a project," The Guardian reports.

Additional resources on the newspaper's digital-video Web site include: a look at Becta's recent six-month-long pilot-research project; the use of the technology in developing new talents, and its application in special needs teaching; a comparison of different video software; a digital-video comparison; and reports on training, best practice and the direction of the technology.