If you dream of playing the songs you hear on your iPod, iPlayMusic has a solution for you.

The company is making a series of 35 beginner-guitar video lessons available free of charge through the iTunes Music Store for playback using iTunes or a video-enabled iPod.

The lessons teach the basics of guitar playing and are a gateway to the company's more advanced range of guitar courses. These step-by-step lessons teach beginners how to hold, tune and strum the guitar, and how to construct and play chords.

The complete course includes works from Eric Clapton, Leadbelly and Woody Guthrie. They feature scrolling lyrics and chords, and background music to help guitarists get the feeling of playing along with a full band.

The complete iTunes lesson series includes lessons from iPlayMusic's Beginner Guitar Lessons Level 1, and a sample song lesson from Beginner Guitar Lessons Level 2. The latter collection is designed for beginner to intermediate guitarists who want extra skills and riffs to raise their playing up a fret or two.

Both guitar learning products are available on DVD or download for $24.95 each from the company.

Additional downloadable song lessons for the iPod are available, featuring songs from the Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, The Grateful Dead, Bob Marley and Willie Nelson for $4.95 per song.