iPlayMusic has introduced Beginner Guitar Lessons for the Mac, a guitar learning application for Macs and video-enabled iPods.

The guitar lessons integrate with iLife applications, including GarageBand, iTunes and iWeb. Students will learn a little guitar, including how to play and sing popular songs. Users can view lessons or listen to their new performances in iTunes or on their iPod.

The course teaches 25 pop songs from artists like The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Bob Marley and Johnny Cash.
The product includes over four hours of video, presented in 140 individual lessons using multiple camera angles. It's not necessary to know how to read music. Lessons include guitar chord videos, scrolling lyrics for sing-along, and tips on riffs, transitions, strumming and more.

Each featured song includes a full GarageBand project file, complete with instrumental and vocal tracks. Using GarageBand's simple controls, students can remix the songs.

An online demo of the software is available online. The software costs $49.95. A PC version of the software ships in autumn.