Million-selling Xbox title, Halo: Combat Evolved is coming to the Mac.

It's been a long ride bringing the game to the platform – legendary-software developer Bungie originally developed the title. That company was then acquired by Microsoft for Xbox game development. Halo was then released as an Xbox-only game.

Westlake Interactive has been hired to build the Mac version of Microsoft's futuristic first-person shooter. The game will be published by Bold, the Mac section of Microsoft's PC-game studio Destineer.

Hello, halo A note on Westlake's Web site reads: "Halo has been one of the fastest selling games in console history, and to this day remains a staple for the Xbox platform. Halo has won countless awards and praise from reviewers and gamers alike. Westlake is extremely honoured to bring Mac gamers one of the coolest console titles of the last few years."

Game features include cooperative multiplayer gaming as players struggle to defeat mankind's sworn alien enemy, the Covenant. Players battle on foot, inside vehicles, indoors, and outdoors, using a vast array of weaponry in a selection of different missions.

Destineer president Peter Tamte told MacCentral: "Microsoft is fulfilling a promise. This is further evidence that Microsoft wants to see its best games come to the Mac."

It's believed both versions of the game will ship in 2003.