Handspring today unveiled products that integrate mobile phone capabilities and PDA (personal digital assistant) functionality.

The new product line, called Treo, will be released in the first quarter of 2002, said Mark Dadger, a product manager with Handspring.

Previously, if users wanted to add wireless data capabilities to Handspring's Visors, they would need to purchase a Springboard module, which would attach to the back of the device.

Entry options Two Treos were announced today: the Treo 180, which uses a small keyboard for data entry, and the 180G, which features Palm's Graffiti handwriting recognition, Dadger said.

The Treo 180 and 180G will both be enabled for wireless communication using GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications), and the software will allow users to upgrade to GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) in the future, Dadger said.

One hand functions The device also has several on-screen features, including memory for up to 50 one-touch dialling entries, a phone keypad, an address book viewable by first name or last name, an integrated Blazer Web browser and SMS (short message service) capability, Dadger said. "We've also gone pretty far out of our way to make sure these phones are usable with one hand," he added.

Handspring plans to release software that will let users check email. A version with a colour display is also promised next year.

The Treo, powered by Motorola's DragonBall VZ processor, has 16MB of memory. The battery allows for up to 2.5 hours of talk time, or 60 hours of standby while the phone unit is switched on. US prices will be $399.