Handspring is giving away a free back-up module with every Visor Edge purchased on Handspring's UK Web site.

The month-long promotion offers Handspring's Backup Springboard Module, worth £35, with the £329 Visor Edge.

The Backup Springboard Module can be removed and stored separately from the handheld.

Earnings warning In related news, Handspring today lowered its financial expectations for its fourth quarter, citing low consumer demand and a vendor price war for lowered earnings.

Handspring now expects revenues for its fourth quarter, which ends June 30, to be in the range of $60 million to $65 million, the company said. That would be about half of the $123.8 million that Handspring reported in the previous quarter.

While the weak economy hit the company hard, Handspring sees the issue as a temporary one that won't affect its long-term prospects, Donna Dubinsky, Handspring's chief executive officer said.