Handspring is teaming up with mobile-phone-network provider mm02 to bring Treo communicators, which combine the features of a Palm OS PDA with a mobile phone, to Europe.

Mm02 is to distribute and market Handspring's Treo on its networks, which include Cellnet in the UK, Telfort in the Netherlands, and Digifone in Eire. It's the first chance customers will get to use Treo products in Europe, though the product is expected to achieve wider distribution through other networks in future.

Donna Dubinsky, CEO of Handspring, said: "MmO2 is a natural partner for us because it shares our vision of integrated, next-generation wireless devices and services that offer real benefits to the consumer.

"As we continue to focus more on delivering innovative communicator products such as Treo, partnerships with operators such as mm02 will become critical to our success. Launching Treo together is a great starting point, and we look forward to a long and rewarding alliance."

The Treo range combines a GSM mobile phone, Palm OS organizer, wireless email, SMS text messaging and Internet access in one device. Two versions will be available initially: the Treo 180 with a built-in keyboard; and Treo 180g, which supports Palm's Graffiti text input. The colour screen Treo 270 is expected to ship in summer. GPRS upgrades for all these units will also be made available in summer. Pricing has yet to be announced.