Hansol Europe has released two 19-inch CRT monitors and a 17-inch flat-panel monitor.

The £259 CRT 920D is a 19-inch flat-screen monitor. It uses a Samsung "Dynaflat" cathode ray tube and has a resolution of 1,280-x-1,024 at a refresh rate of 85Hz. Offering a dot pitch of 0.25mm, it has a viewable-screen area of 18-inches. A monitor adaptor may be required for some Macs.

The £279 920eF is also a 19-inch flat screen monitor. It uses a Hitachi tube designed, Hansol claim, to reduce reflections and to create sharper, more vivid images stretching to all corners of the screen.

Specs The 920eF offers maximum resolutions of 1,856-x-1,392 at a 75Hz refresh rate. It uses an Invar shadow mask with a 0.25mm dot pitch. The viewable-screen area is 18-inches.

The 700F is a 17-inch flat-panel monitor, described as a "lifestyle" monitor by the company. It costs £1,399, is wall mountable and has a built-in TV tuner and integrated stereo speakers. It offers a resolution of 1,280-x-1,024 at 75Hz, and has a viewable screen size of 17 inches, with a viewing angle of 160 degrees.

Andy Holmes, Hansol's European sales and marketing manager Europe, said: "The new monitors complement our existing products. Within each size range we aim to have four different monitors, so that customers can have much greater flexibility of choice."