A collective of German Mac fans have digitised the only surviving video tape of the launch of the original Macintosh on this day in January 1984.

The recording features all the often-told moments of the launch - from Jobs' bow tie to the moment he pulls the Mac from the bag, and the huge grin he casts at the assembled early church of Mac at the now-gone Flint Center in Cupertino. The video has never been seen online.

The video - which is available on several mirror Web sites, while the bandwidth lasts - also features the then vastly impressive demonstration of the computer's ability to convert text-to-speech, when Macintosh said "hello".

Renowned Mac user Scott Knaster kept a Betamax video tape of the two-hour launch, which Mac users at TextLab helped to digitise, before returning it to Knaster.

More excerpts are expected "in the coming days", Macworld has learned.