SubRosaSoft has released CopyCat X 1.0, a hard-disk copying solution.

CopyCatX can duplicate an OS X drive, and is aimed at network administrators needing to deploy multiple drives with identical content, or for Mac users upgrading to a bigger drive.

It uses a method called "device copying", rather than the file-by-file copy employed by most back-up software. Device copying lets users retain every detail of the original drive, from bootability to icons, and is also faster than file-by-file copying.

SubRosaSoft founder Marko Kostyrko said: "Our own in-house benchmark test clocked CopyCatX as 25 per cent faster than one of the most popular Mac back-up software solutions when copying a relatively full 20GB drive."

The company has also developed a way to by-pass a traditional limitation of device copy techniques, in which the size of a destination volume would be shrunk to the same size as that of the source volume. SubRosaSoft calls the work-around "partition resizing technology".

The software supports OS X. It costs $39.95, and requires Mac OS X 10.2 and a G3 or G4 Mac.