Matsushita, better known by its Panasonic brand name, has developed a recording technology that could push the maximum data capacity of a single hard-disk drive platter to 200GB.

To help the read-write head locate the closely-packed data on the disk surface, the company created a silicon disk on which signals are recorded in finely-spaced tracks to direct the servo motors moving the head.

The signals serve as addresses for data and are recorded in multiple curves that stretch from the centre of the disk to the edge, a company spokesman said. In addition, the company added an advanced-bearing technology to further stabilize rotation of the disk.

Together, these technologies should enable the storage of up to 200GB of information per disk - several times that of the current highest capacity disks. Higher capacity disk drives could be possible if several of the disks are combined into a single unit.

Matsushita plans to announce more details regarding the technology in the near future.