The new generation of iMacs that Steve Jobs rolled out here on Tuesday reflects some sound thinking on the part of Apple and Harman Kardon.

Among the enhancements in the new consumer desktops are a set of internal speakers designed jointly by both companies, as well as iSub, an optional subwoofer with a Universal Serial Bus interface that Harman Kardon will start selling in November for $99.

At the rollout, Macwelt senior editor Martin Stein spoke with Jesse Lechuga, Harman Kardon vice president of new business development, about the new sound of the iMac.

According to Lechuga, the iMac collaboration got its start during a meeting between the two companies at January's Macworld Expo in San Francisco. However, he said, the speakers and subwoofer are the fruits of about three years of development by Harman Kardon.

Co-operation between Apple and Harman Kardon included combined engineering efforts, as well as a collaboration to set pricing for the iSub, Lechuga said.

While Lechuga declined to comment on whether Harman Kardon sound systems will make their way into Apple's high-end Power Mac G4 line, he said his company is eager to "synchronize" its product development with Apple's.