J.K Rowling has said that Apple's MacBook Air has changed her life, by allowing her to write wherever she goes.

The Harry Potter said during a public appearance at the Lincoln Centre to discuss her new book, The Casual Vacancy, that "the MacBook Air changed my life," allowing her to write "everywhere, including some very strange places," reports Publishers Lunch.

At the launch of her latest novel at the Southbank Centre on 27 September, Rowling also said that she has recently discovered the joy of using an iPad to read eBooks, and loves that it enables her to take hundreds of books on holiday with her.

However, she did note that she still prefers the traditional hardback or paperback book, and said: "You can't read iPads in the bath."

Apple often describes its products as 'magical', and it seems the creator of the world's most famous wizard agrees.

Apple is expected to unveil brand new devices at its special event on Tuesday, including an iPad mini, new thinner iMac and a 13in MacBook Pro with Retina display.

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