Adobe and Quark can’t quite agree on the future of the publishing industry.

Adobe believes “publishing has gone beyond print”, while Quark is convinced the “print industry isn’t done yet”.

Discussing the print market, Quark VP for desktop products Jürgen Kurz told Macworld: “I don’t think Adobe is focused on the print business opportunity and I think they are making a big mistake.”

According to Kurz the publishing industry has transformed recently because changes to the creative and production process have resulted in shorter print runs. “That provides to us tremendous opportunities in the next two to five years,” he said, referring to his companies plans to improve the colour experience and productivity.

But according to Adobe’s senior product manager in charge of InDesign and InCopy Chad Siegel: “Publishing has gone beyond print, to video and the web.”

“In the last five years there has been an explosion in digital, people are able to choose more than ever when and how they receive information, whether on a mobile phone, a laptop, or on some other device. Suddenly publishing isn’t a single direction,” he explained.

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