Game publisher Hasbro Interactive has settled a lawsuit against GT Interactive and Varcon Systems, according to MacGaming.

The lawsuit was filed earlier this year claiming that GT Interactive - the parent company of Mac game publisher MacSoft - and Varcon, a developer that works with MacSoft, had violated Hasbro's copyrights with clones of Pac Man, Missile Command, Tetris and other arcarde-style games.

Hasbro owned these video game licences after it acquired computer game maker Atari.

GT Interactive and Varcon Systems have agreed to stop selling the games in question, and GT has agreed to pay "an undisclosed amount of money" to Hasbro.

The case continues against the other companies being sued by Hasbro, including Webfoot Technologies, which worked with MacSoft to develop a collection of arcade style games called "America's Greatest Arcade Hits 3D".