Noteheads will release version 1.5 of Igor Engraver today. This version is for non-OS X Macs and Windows.

The company has begun work on a Mac OS X port, Petter Terenius, Igor Engraver's product manager, said: "Mac OS X support is high on our list. We have been able to run Igor Engraver on it as early as April this year, but aren't there yet on a final application."

Noteheads is impressed with OS X: "The power of Mac OS X amazes us," said Terenius, "as soon as we've finished porting Engraver to Windows we'll dig into this matter again," he revealed.

Igor Engraver 1.5 is a music notation program. It works like a standard word processor, and also understands and transcribes MIDI files. It also knows the ranges and preferred clefs of over 250 instruments. It also knows instrument names and their abbreviations in six different languages, and has a playback feature.

It's a flexible solution, supporting professional music engraving, printing and editing. Version 1.5 offers a selection of new features, including the ability to suppress empty staves of music, to save space and paper. Pricing for the new version hasn't been announced at this time.