Apple has confirmed that some Power Macintosh G4 systems are suffering from overheating and failing power switches.

Apple has not officially announced a fix, but Apple's online discussion board moderators are suggesting a workaround: swapping Apple's recently-announced Pro Keyboards for older USB-based keyboards that feature a power switch.

In July, Apple began implementing its decision to adopt a universal look-&-feel across its product line, with the power switch housed under the monitor, or on the tower of its desktop models.

Macweek quotes Apple spokeswoman Nathalie Welch, who says: "We have taken steps to address the problem in our manufacturing."

Burn out The report claims that a defective panel behind the power switch burns out on the Power Mac G4s tower casing, meaning that the G4s no longer turn off or on. Some complainants say that sometimes the circuitry overheats completely – accompanied by the smell of frying circuits, and sometimes smoke.

Macweek repeats information, submitted by a reader, that Apple may have redesigned the front panel board where the power, programmer's and reset switches sit. If this comment is correct, the redesigned board will not be released until the end of the year.

Apple UK has not yet delivered comment.