The used iBook auction in Henrico County has changed course once again.

The Richmond Times now reports the computers will be made available for purchase to Henrico County residents first, with the remainder available to people from outside the area.

Local educators had planned to sell 2,150 iBooks at $50 each on a first-come, first-served basis at the back door of a local supply warehouse.

The venue was then changed to reflect the huge demand that quickly appeared for the portables. In an attempt to preempt the camping habits of hardcore Mac fans, officials warned that no camping would be permitted at the new site, Richmond International Raceway.

The Mac sell-off follows the termination of Apple's $24.2 million deal with Henrico County schools, which ends in June 2006, as Henrico moves to new supplier, Dell.

News of the sell-off sparked several stories saying Mac fans plan to fly to the sale from across the US to exploit the cheap deal.

Local residents complained that it was there taxes that acquired the equipment in the first place, demanding first refusal on the Macs.

The sale has been rescheduled to 9am on August 16. It was originally to take place on August 9.