While local bean-counters may have scuttled the deal it's clear Henrico County computer users still love their Macs,

Henrico County this week announced that it will sell off 1,000 used iBooks in a one-day fire sale on August 9 for just $50 apiece.

This follows the termination of Apple's one-on-one deal with Henrico County schools, which ends in June 2006. Originally a $24.2 million contract, the 23,000 iBook deal was revolutionary in its time - the biggest such deal ever made between a computer manufacturer and a school district.

Henrico County has since moved to a new supplier - Dell.

Henrico County’s unofficial Mac festival

Response to news of the $50 Mac portable sell-off has been fierce, forcing the County to find a new venue for the sale, which was going to take place at the back door of a local education warehouse.

The sale now takes place at: "Richmond International Raceway, which offers more space and parking," according to a local report.

Evidently primed as to the habits of Mac users, the County warns potential Mac purchasers that, "overnight parking and camping will be prohibited" at the venue.

"We want to make sure folks are able to get in and get out as easily as possible," Mychael Dickerson, Henrico schools spokesman, told The Times Dispatch.

"We think this will provide for a better overall experience for those who are coming to purchase a laptop," he said.

Fly me to the Mac

Some reports claim buyers are flying in from across the US to take advantage of the one-time cheap Mac deal; this has led local tax payers to object, the report confirms.

"Their hard-earned tax dollars contributed to the initiative, some say, and they could wind up waiting in line next to folks from another coast."