Hermstedt has souped-up Apple's AirPort with its AirShuttle, a rebuilt AirPort that allows wireless access to dual-channel ISDN.

Hermstedt has developed a way to build WebShuttle into Apple's solution. The comunications company takes a customers AirPort unit and rebuilds it, honouring Apple' guarantee for a year after installation. The company replaces Apple's existing analogue modem with no further modifications to the host system. To access the wireless ISDN network, Macs need to be fitted with an AirPort card.

The solution will enable wireless Web-browsing at up to 64Kbps speeds from up to 150 feet away from the BaseStation. Apple's AirPort is limited to 56Kbps Internet access.

The AirShuttle costs £199, plus an AirPort (£200). For further details, contact Hermstedt (020 7421 1500).