VVI, a high-end corporate-software developer, has released Vving for Mac OS X 10.1.

The application, which is based on OpenGraph, has been developed as a diagnostic tool to monitor network performance. It sends a signal each second to a remote computer and waits to receive it back in an echo fashion. It then graphs the procedure, detailing both time taken and what portion of the echo returned. It then creates a report/graph of what's happening, with no flattening or averaging of the data.

John Brilhart, chief technical officer of VVI, said: "Vving is a well-designed and precise application that measures and graphs network performance in real time. It also demonstrates the high scalability of our OpenGraph programming framework. It can display millions of points in realtime, and show data ranging from seconds to years. Although the application shows just a few of OpenGraph's features, I think it is a good application to demonstrate OpenGraph."

Brilhart calls VVI's OpenGraph programming framework "already one of the most advanced programming frameworks I am aware of".

The company has improved this framework, "incorporating many new design concepts that are a result of over ten years of experience and product development in object-oriented technology".

To demonstrate the power of its framework, the company is distributing Vving free of charge over the Internet.