The Macs progress as a solution for high performance computing continues, as market-leading cluster management solution debuts on OS X today.

Cluster Resources has announced the release of Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 for OS X, the first time the product's made it to Mac. Features include the Moab Workload Manager, Moab Cluster Manager and Moab Access Portal.

Moab Workload Manager is a policy-based workload management and scheduling engine. Moab Cluster Manager is a graphical cluster administration interface, monitor, and reporting tool; and Moab Access Portal, an end-user job submission and management portal.

Remarking on Apple's continued success in the high performance computing market, Moab said: "High Performance Computing sites are now able to leverage Apple's renowned ease of use and superior price performance with Cluster Resources' cluster management solutions to achieve new levels of control and efficiency."

Cluster Resources chief technology officer, David Jackson, said: "Moab Workload Manager on Mac OS X allows for the management of traditional computer resources, as well as storage, network and licenses. This provides organizations with unparalleled control over how, when and by whom the resources of a cluster are accessed delivering up to 90 to 99 per cent utilization.

"The Web and desktop GUI interfaces empower administrators with significant management capabilities and enable end-users to submit their own jobs and self-manage their use of the system."

Ron Okamoto, Apple's vice president of worldwide developer relations said: "Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 delivers a powerful management suite for complex computational clustering to our customers who benefit from the strong performance of Mac OS X and Xserve G5 servers."

Everything easier now

The software is used at Virginia Tech, where director of research and cluster computing Kevin Shinpaugh said: "Accounting for and allocating the millions of CPU hours available per year on System X is much easier now that we have Moab Cluster Suite. The reporting tools of Moab Cluster Manager clearly show us what has been done and Moab Workload Manager lets us express and enforce our rules."

Moab Cluster Suite 4.2 is available now. Organizations interested in a free evaluation copy of Moab Cluster Suite or access to Cluster Resources' online Demonstration Cluster should click here.