Two online services designed to speed the workflow of business that send and receive high-resolution images have been launched by FileFlow.

The first, FastSend uses a combination of compression and military-grade encryption to transmit huge data files using the Internet.

FastSend uses "lossless compresion" to further reduce the size of JPEG images. FileFlow claims it can send pictures up to 10x faster than high-compression JPEG images sent over the Web.

FastSend enables the secure transmission of documents at higher speeds than traditional FTP or email, according to the company. The service can be used with files of any size and format across a standard Internet connection.

FastSend also provides off-site archiving and access to digital images. This reduces disk capacity and allows individual access to prepared folders of images, logos, text or other types of digital media.

FastStore is a Web-based virtual hard-disk with search and browse functions, and tools to customize appearance and user access. For more information on UK pricing email [email protected].