The HyperTransport Consortium has released the version 1.03 HyperTransport specification for download from its Web site.

Apple is a member of the Consortium. HyperTransport is a high-speed circuit connecting system bus that helps the chips inside computers communicate up to 48-times faster than existing technologies do.

"An important goal of the consortium is to ensure that the HyperTransport I/O Link is an open standard that encourages independent development," said Gabriele Sartori, president of the consortium. She added: "We decided to make the specification public, enabling designers to evaluate the specification before formally adopting HyperTransport technology and receiving a royalty-free license by becoming a member."

"HyperTransport technology provides a very high-speed, low pin-count direct connection from microprocessors to standard and custom I/O devices," said John Wakerly, vice president and CTO for Internet switching and services group at Cisco Systems.

Wakerly added: "Products are already available, and now that the specification is public, we look forward to seeing even more HyperTransport-based solutions that will enable us to meet our customers' demands."