The Hilton Hotel chain is introducing an iPod-supporting clock across 250,000 US hotel rooms this year.

The hotel chain designed the clock with a connection cable for iPods, MP3 players and other portable music devices - it also features what the chain describes as "one of the easiest-to-set alarms ever".

According to a recent survey, over half of business travellers (57 per cent) have worried about sleeping past their alarm, and only one in five respondents (18 per cent) actually trust a hotel alarm clock to wake them up in the morning.

The survey also revealed that 41 per cent of respondents would rather wake up to music instead of a buzzer (39 per cent) or nature sounds (11 per cent). More women (45 per cent) than men (37 per cent) prefer to wake up to music, according to the group.

The company has also released a Hilton Family Timing is Everything Virtual Clock (Mac and PC versions available), an online replica of the device that will "function as your personal desktop alarm".

US residents can enter the Hilton Family Timing Is Everything Sweepstakes to win a Hilton Family Clock, $10 iTunes vouchers, hotel stays or one of 250 iPod minis.