LiveStage Professional 3.1, a QuickTime 5 authoring-tool for developers and digital-media producers, has been released by Totally Hip Software.

Optimized to run in Mac OS X, it provides an environment to create interactive QuickTime-content for the Internet, CD-ROM and DVD.

The 3.1 update includes a host of bug fixes and improvements, including the rectification of a problem where a selected track would display as track 1.

A problem where the cursor disappeared in the Script Editor when the line was indented to match the previous line has also been resolved.

Error reporting has been added for when files can't be converted for use in an instrument track. There are also new loop settings supported by the movie preview, and auto indenting and preference options for the Script Editor. Sound controls have been added to movie tracks, there are also some speed increases in the tracks view.

Totally Hip Software encourages feedback on the update.