Hold-Up, a personal-finance manager, has been released for Mac OS 8.5 and later and Mac OS X.

This finance-management software - created by Pierre-Olivier Latour and Didier Larue - organizes accounts, creates scheduled transactions, and defines categories and payment types.

Hold-Up's main window displays the account and filter list, the name of the account or selected filter, the account or filter transaction list, and the number and the sum of displayed transactions.

Dealings Filters show a selection of transactions from one or several accounts, displaying, for example, a month's dealings.

Other features include automatic completion of transaction names, which inputs a name after typing a few characters, and a dynamic notes function that attaches notes to transactions.

A $20 Basic and $30 Pro version are available for both Mac OS 8.5 to 9.1 and Mac OS X. The Pro version has an unlimited number of accounts and filters, transactions can be edited and automated, and tabulated text files can be exported.

A free 2.5MB demo is also available to download from the site.