Digidesign has introduced Mbox, a portable home-studio solution.

It's a plug-in USB-powered device built to work with Digidesign's Pro Tools 5.2 LE, which ships in the box.

Mbox offers a complete portable sound mixing, recording and editing solution, including two-channel audio with a 24-bit input-to-output signal path. Once captured, sessions can be transferred to another Pro Tools platform, including the Digi 001 for further sound manipulation.

The unit includes two TRS quarter-inch XLR/analogue inputs, with a 24-bit stereo digital I/O (Input/Output). Mbox offers both quarter and eighth-inch headphone jack sockets with dedicated volume controls.

Pro Tools 5.2 LE includes support for DigiStudio, DigiDesign's new way to collaborate with other Pro Tools users via the Internet.

Previously available only with Pro Tools 24 MIX systems, DigiStudio promises a huge amount of musical resources.

The product ships in spring and costs £379 excluding VAT.