Hong Kong will get its first Apple Store this month, adding to the four stores Apple already has in mainland China.

The Hong Kong Apple Store is located in the International Finance Centre and will open on 24 September, Reuters reports. Another Apple Store will open in Shanghai before the end of the year.

Apple has been keen to stress the importance of the Chinese market in recent months, with Tim Cook, then the company's COO, saying in April that it was the most significant of all emerging markets. The Asia-Pacific region accounts for around 20 percent of Apple's total revenue.

"Our focus has very much been on China. We purposefully put the bulk of our emphasis from an emerging markets point of view, in China, to really learn, and then we're going to take that learning to other markets," Cook said.

However, China has been a source of problems for Apple as well, with more than 20 fake Apple Stores found in the city of Kunming alone earlier this year.

Chinese environmental groups have also recently accused Apple and its suppliers of polluting the environment and endangering the lives of the country's residents.