Users of Leopard Macs are being offered secure remote hosted storage for their Time Capsule back-ups., a Las Vegas-based firm, has been offering Mac mini-based data back-up services for some time. Now it is offering a new seervice called Transport, which allows users to purchase a Time Capsule unit which can then be hosted at the company’s data centre, meaning all future Time Machine back-ups are inherently more secure, because they are stored offsite.

“We noticed that a good number of customers were hosting their Mac minis for an offsite backup or for a file server," said Brian Stucki, owner of "Other potential customers were hesitant to set-up and maintain a full server and they desired something more simple. When Apple released the Time Capsule, we knew it would be a perfect fit for these customers.”

Pricing starts at $29 per month, with a set-up fee of $25 and the choice of either asking the hosting provider to purchase and install a Time Capsule on a customer’s behalf, or the option to send one to for installation in their server farm.