There was good news for Mac gamers at Milia this week, with three major games to be published on the Mac.

Blizzard’s Diablo II is being slated for a Mac/PC simultaneous release. While a spokeswoman for Blizzard’s parent company Havas was unable to confirm this, other industry sources say that the role playing game will be released on both Mac and PC, although release dates have not been finalized.

Disney Interactive will launch a Mac version of Toy Story 2 - an action game based on Pixar’s animated film. A company spokeswoman said that while most of Disney’s games are for the PC only, things could change. She said: "We are publishing the Pixar titles on the Mac because of the link in upper management between Pixar and Apple. Disney is waiting to see how well Toy Story 2 does before considering porting other titles to the Mac." Again, a release date has not yet been confirmed.

Finally, InfoGrames is set to launch Silver on June 30 this year. The action adventure title, which is already available on PC, is a European take on Manga-influenced gameplay.