Hotline Communications has released version 1.8 of Hotline Connect Client for the Power PC.

Hotline Client works with Hotline servers and the Internet to let users chat, exchange files and read news. It’s not a file transfer protocol (FTP) or Internet relay chat (IRC) application, though it offers similar functions, but only within a Hotline community.

The revised Hotline offers threaded news postings, new navigation tools, improved messaging, image file previews and full folder downloads – but only within the ‘Hotline Universe’. Hotline 1.8 also introduces full QuickTime support, as well as increased stability and bug fixes.

The company also announced it’s building the Hotline Network, a network of communities organized around channels such as computer gaming or music. Hotline Connect Client 1.8 is a free download, requiring 5MB RAM, Open Transport 1.1.1, and System 7.5 or better running on a Power PC.