Hewlett-Packard has unveiled six new CD-Rewritable drives.

The drives will ship in the US in early September. Hewlett-Packard sources told Macworld that Mac drivers for the CD-RWs will be available "soon".

HP's high-end drives, the CD-Writer 9600si and 9600se, will use the SCSI interface and provide maximum write speeds of 12x for CD-R and 8x for CD-RW, and CD-ROM reads up to 32X. The drives will cost $349 for the 9600si internal version and $399 for the 9600se external.

HP has introduced the budget USB-based 8230e and 8220e portable models. These $249 write at a maximum of 4X, and read at 6X.

Internal IDE models – the $299 CD-Writer 9510i and 9500I – are also available. These offer the same drive with different software configurations. The 9510i is a retail version that comes with the Broderbund Multimedia Organizer, as well as HPs basic software pack. The 9500i comes with Corel Print Office and will only ship through the reseller channel.