Hewlett-Packard (HP) has appointed Richard DeMillo as vice president and chief technology officer, and also announced that Stephen Squires will takeover as vice president and chief science officer.

Both newly-created positions are designed to boost the company's senior science and technology management-team, HP said. DeMillo will report to Carly Fiorina, HP chairwoman, president and chief executive officer. Squires will report to DeMillo.

DeMillo comes to HP from Telcordia Technologies, where he was general manager of the Internet Systems Group, which was responsible for development of Web-based software and online services for the telecommunications industry. He was also vice president and general manager of information and computer sciences research where he directed research for the company's software, telecommunications and consulting businesses.

Future DeMillo will be chairman of HP's Technology Council, which determines the company's technology development, evaluates standards initiatives, allocates technical resources, coordinates cross-company strategies and handles periodic technology audits.

Squires was an architect of the Strategic Computing and High Performance Computing programs at the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The programs helped enable the modern Internet.

He will coordinate with HP Labs on long-term strategic, scientific and technical matters, including architecture for Internet advancements.

HP also announced that Joel Birnbaum, former HP chief scientist, will become senior technical advisor to the chief executive officer, continuing to work on special projects. Birnbaum, the former senior vice president of research and director of HP Labs, retired from HP in April 1999 and remains in a consulting role.