Hewlett-Packard has launched a series of DesignJet large-format printers, the 5000, 5000PS, 500, 500PS, 800 and 800PS.

The 5000 family is targeted at print providers or heavy-duty printers. The 5000 and 5000PS, which uses Adobe PostScript 3, can print at resolutions up to 1,200-x-600 dpi.

Both models hold up to 256MB RAM and use a six-colour printing system. Print speeds reach up to 569 square-feet per hour, and the printers ship in 42 and 60-inch models.

Pricing The 60 inch 5000 and 5000PS retail at £11,300 and £14,000 respectively, while the 42-inch 5000 and 5000PS are priced at £7,350 and £9,300.

The 500 and 800 printer families are scaled down versions of the DesignJet 5000 series.

There’re two printers in each family, the DesignJet 500 and 500PS, and the DesignJet 800 and 800PS. The PS models also use Adobe PostScript 3.

Target market The 500 and 800 models are aimed at architects, engineers and designers. The 500 series has 16MB RAM while the 800 series has 96MB RAM.

The 500 DesignJet series has an image resolution of 1,200-x-600 dpi while the 800 series has a resolution of 2,400-x-1,200 dpi. Available in 24 and 42 inches, the 500 series retails at £1,650 and £2,450 respectively. The 500PS comes in 24- and 42-inch models, which are priced at £2,150 and £2,950.

The 800 and 800PS are available in 24 and 42-inch models. The 800 series cost £3,850 and £4,650, while the 800 PS models are priced at £5,200 and £6,000.

The entire family of DesignJet printers will ship from the beginning of September.