HSBC has joined the growing ranks of banks offering Mac support.

HSBC launched its Mac-friendly service last Monday – the same time it launched its Windows service. An HSBC representative, who would not be identified, said: "HSBC is catering for the whole community, not just a piece of it."

HSBC spokesperson, Nicolette Dawson, agreed: "It’s all about making sure our customers have a choice, and can use the equipment they want."

Many online-banking services have, untill now, blamed security issues for lack of Mac support. Dawson said she was not aware of such issues, but added: "We have entered the online banking market later than many, but we wanted to do it right."

HSBC’s online banking is a 24/7 service, which lets customers check balances, bank statements, arrange transfers, payments and bill payments. It also lets users access standing-order and Direct Debit details, credit-card balances and send instructions to their branch managers.