Despite dropping the price of its extra memory options for the Mac mini in the US (from $475 to $325 for 1GB of RAM), the UK Apple Store is currently offering the same amount of memory for a whopping £561.53! Previously, it was on sale for £290 – despite being available from other online resellers for as little as £142.

This shock price rise is only for the entry-level 1.25GHz Mac mini. 1GB of RAM for the top-end 1.42GHz Mac mini has seen a reduction of £70 to £220.

The company's online store is also offering not such a great deal on the wireless bundle for the mini. An internal Bluetooth options costs £35, while AirPort Extreme is £49. But opt to buy them together, and you'll be quoted £152.88. The top-end Mac mini has a more sensible bundle price of £69.99.

An Apple Store representative admitted that this appeared to be a mistake.

It's likely that new reduced prices will appear later today, but be warned about purchasing from the store for the time being.