UK firm Talking Technologies has introduced a flash storage device with a difference – it looks like a duck.

The i-Duck is a 16MB USB 1.1 storage device available in pink, yellow and blue, so organizing that extra storage is like water off of a duck's back, Mac users won't need to ruffle their feathers.

Though this i-Duck isn't waterproof, it just needs inserting to mount, and it does so quack and easy.

Like any device in its class it mounts on a computer and allows users to place data on-board for archiving or simply to take that data – presentations for example – to another location. And this device will rubber-duck your data – in a good way, of course.

The data-duck is billed as a trim 37mm long (beak to tail) and costs £24.99 (including VAT and delivery). Buyers can meet the bill using cash or card online.