Apple UK managing director Mark Rogers believes the company's updated iApps and its iPod MP3 player will cement the success of its Switchers campaign.

"Apple's campaign to attract switchers is helped by its wide selection of iApps," Rogers said in an interview with PC Advisor.

"We have plenty of applications that bring added value to the platform that you don't get on a PC. Look at iSync's ability to maintain contact and calendar information between several classes of device. Just that simple piece of technology alone has been enough to make people switch."

Apple's iPod is also helping the company grow, says Rogers. "If people have a great experience with the iPod, then they'll start to associate that with having a great experience with their computer. It's important to keep building that brand recognition," he says.

"When looking to grow market share, you have to go after users who are already using something else - there's not many people that don't have computers these days.

"It is not just Windows users, it's Linux and Unix users. We think we have the ability to do something with all those groups and try and attract them to Mac."

Asked about relative expense of Apple's solutions against some of the competition, he said: "We've positioned our products at prices where we can make a profit and give value to shareholders while offering fantastic technology to our customers."

Innovation is crucial to Apple, he agrees: "We are going to try and play the innovation game and bring new technologies to the market."

Mac OS X has also attracted developers from the enterprise market, such as Sybase and Oracle. "The introduction of OS X with its Unix underpinnings has helped us break down some of those barriers - that the Mac is not a proper business machine.

"We're now seen as a mainstream alternative to the Microsoft platform."