IBM is the brains behind what is being described as "the world's most powerful privately-owned supercomputer".

The Watson Blue Gene system has been installed at the IBM Thomas J Watson Research Center in New York.

It boasts a processing speed of 91.29 teraflops and is likely to be amongst the world's top three supercomputers.

IBM plans to use the system to explore a range of fields from business applications to life sciences, hydrodynamics, materials sciences, quantum chemistry, molecular dynamics and fluid dynamics.

The system is to be used initially as part of the IBM Research run Blue Gene project, which is used to run protein dynamics simulations for drug development, reports vnunet.

IBM's Blue Gene supercomputer, housed in Rochester USA, is ranked the number one supercomputer in the current Top 500 list. The Intel Itanium2 powered Thunder supercomputer is currently ranked number five.